New Safe Ride Program in San Diego

In San Diego there aren’t too many transportation or shuttle services that cater to the crowd that loves to party.  With cab prices a little on the steep side and bus/trolley services shut down after midnight, it can be a challenge to get to and from the main party areas like downtown or universities.

Enter Bill’s Bus, a new, private bus line that shuttles passengers from Pacific Beach to downtown San Diego and back.  The idea started in Santa Barbara and has now made its way down to San Diego. Co-owners Chris Lyell, Brandon Mercade, and Brad Hansen presented the idea to Discover Pacific Beach business community’s Hospitality Task Force, an organization that is know for supporting programs aimed at preventing drunk driving.

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Here are other safe ride programs available in San Diego:

Are you passionate about preventing  drunk driving in San Diego?  Read more about how to implement a designated driver program.

Arrested for a DUI in San Diego?  Hire a lawyer who specializes in drunk driving cases…


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